ROS People Tracking

hdl_people_tracking is a ROS package for real-time people tracking using a 3D LIDAR.

  • 클러스터링 : It first performs Haselich's clustering technique to detect human candidate clusters,
    • Confidence-Based Pedestrian Tracking in Unstructured Environments Using 3D Laser Distance Measurements
    • 깃북 정리
  • 분류 : and then applies Kidono's person classifier to eliminate false detections.
    • Pedestrian Recognition Using High-definition LIDAR
    • 깃북정리
  • 추적 : The detected clusters are tracked by using Kalman filter with a contant velocity model.

부모 프로젝트

Kenji Koide, Jun Miura, and Emanuele Menegatti, A Portable 3D LIDAR-based System for Long-term and Wide-area People Behavior Measurement, Advanced Robotic Systems, 2019

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